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  1. Hi Emmet. thanks for that, but I would prefer to build an project that does not rely on a we page interface so I was thinking of a python / Tkinter type of solution. It would also help to learn how to manage graphics as I do have a machine(manufacturing) monitoring program that I would like to switch from VB.net. It relies heavily on a graphics interface to convey info. Additionaly I would like to use the Official 7 inch touch display as the primary display. If anyone has any advice then I am grateful for the help as I am for yours Emmet. Many thanks Grahame GPJMA
  2. gpjma


    Hi John. I recently joined this forum to get some help with my leap into all things Pi and Arduino. It is very good to have this new forum and i hope that i can contribute as well as gain some knowlege. I am fairly new to Raspberry Pi but have got my feet well and truly wet on a couple of projects. I purcheased Gus's book on the Raspberry Pi and really like the approach. I am in Brisbane Australia so G'day to everybody from Down Under. i think that a Hello page would be great.
  3. Hello All. As an old windows (VB.net etc) programer I like to sometimes give my projects a Graphical interface. I want to build a fairly comprehensive weather station and get data onto a 5 inch or the 7 inch display which is a great touch screen device as a stand alone unit. I will collect, collate and store the weather information for later reteieval to the display. I can interface remote sensors for outdoors etc and use wired devices for indoors. I am not that savy yet with Python so any suggestions as to where to start would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. gpjma

    Raspberry Pi 3 B+

    Hi Emmet. I am thinking that I may remove those pins (carefully) and replace with 90 degree bent pins. If I need those connections in the future I can access them under any hat I might be using. I just cant help fiddling.
  5. gpjma

    Raspberry Pi 3 B+

    Hello All. Just want to talk about the new Raspberry Pi3B+. It has quite a few additions and changes. Not the least of wich is the new set of processor chips. These do run pretty hot and have got the metal jacket but I am fitting heat sinks to mine anyway. I have noticed that after an hour or so (not working hard) i can feel the warmth in ther GPIO pins as they are pretty close to the processor. I noted also that there is an additional group of pins alongside the GPIO's (have not had time or the need to investigate these yet) that interfere with the fitting of some hats or shields. I have had to add another GPIO header on top of the original to fit an extension board. The board will only boot with the latest NOOBS issued this month and the SD card should be well formatted and clean. I did have some trouble getting mine to boot. But It does lok like great addition to the family. This is not by any means a review just some early observation as I started to use the board. Its good but different!
  6. hello all. I am building a simple project requiring an ambient temperature reading. I like the sense hat because of the multiple sensors on board but the temperature is skewed by being so close to the board and its heat sources. especiall as it is in a Pi box. Is adding an external temperature module going to interfere with the sense hat? Can i use 2 sensors recording temps? If not I may have to just not use the sense hat and add a few external sensors. Thanks for any info.