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  1. kweinert

    PS4 Controllers

    Thank you. Now I can be confident that when I track down a used one or two that if I have problems it's not necessarily a hardware one. I appreciate how helpful you've been. As I get more experience I'll try to help others here as well.
  2. kweinert

    Pi Tablet, charging question

    Thank you. To start with I'm going to try out my idea using a standard 2A wall charger. If that doesn't perform as well as I'd like I'm looking at a 12V to 5V step down board and using a 12V/3A wall wart. From what I've seen you can't go bigger than 3A at 12V without going to the 'laptop' charger form factor and I really don't want to do that. I haven't run across any 5V wall warts that go above 2A. This is an interesting, slightly amusing, and sobering quote from one of the articles you referenced: LiPos are very picky about their charge/discharge curves, and they perform best at the boundary between 'efficient energy storage device' and 'mid-yield incendiary device'.
  3. I'm looking at the 10 inch Pi Tablet project over on adafruit. He has it set up so that there are 2 Powerboost 1000C charge controllers and 2 6000mAh LI batteries, one for the Pi and one for the monitor. My question is this: is there a reason I can't parallel the two 1000C boards so I only need 1 available usb plug to charge them instead of having them separate. I think this would work although at the cost of it taking longer to charge the batteries. I'm just not quite conversant enough to know if the two of them would try to pull more amps than a charger could provide or if there's some other electrical reason that they shouldn't be connected. And, just to be clear, I'm not talking about trying to charge more than one battery off of one 1000C, just wondering if it's OK to provide one power plug for the input to charge the tablet. Thanks.
  4. OK, so this is a really, really dumb question. I know nothing about PS4 and controllers but I've been thinking about creating a RetroPie instance and using PS4 controllers. Since I don't have a PS4 or associated controllers already I've been looking at Craigslist and such for a controller or two. I've read the Guide for associating a PS4 controller to the Pi but (and here comes the dumb question) are there other PS4 controllers besides the DualShock? Is that really just a name for the latest version and the Guide will work for these? Just trying to be sure I don't start to wander down a path and then discover I have created difficulties for myself. Thanks for any info/guidance.