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  1. vxxk

    Wordpress & Web Server

    Ok, so i have set up my web server, and have used No-IP to port forward it to one of my domains. I'm using this tutorial:https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-web-server/ i have a wordpress site that's all set up under one of my accounts, and i just wanted to know if i could link that account to my pi web server and host that website? is it possible, through what's going on here at the bottom where we install MySQL and Wordpress Package? Thanks!
  2. vxxk

    raspberry pi webserver

    UPDATE: used chmod -R 777 (dir) and got to change the file to read,write,exec and then removed it.
  3. vxxk

    raspberry pi webserver

    Tried that, it executes, but when i go to delete the file, it still gives the same error. I tried removing using terminal - told me that the file was write-only so im currently working on changing that through chmod -R 777, but that isn't working as of yet.
  4. vxxk

    raspberry pi webserver

    Tried that, get this: usermod: Permission denied. usermod: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.
  5. vxxk

    raspberry pi webserver

    I'm trying to set up the web server on my raspberry pi and I have gotten to the point where I have created the folder, "www" in my var folder. In there I have the HTML folder and then the index.html, however, when trying to replace, delete, or add files, the system replies with: Unable to trash file /var/www/html/index.html: Permission denied. I have tried to run sudo chown -R -f wwwdata:www-data /var/www and usermod -a -G www-data pi, through ssh on my mac, with no errors, however, the problem still persists. Any help is appreciated!