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  1. salehshaukat

    OPENVPN RPI3 AP Leaking DNS.

    Hey Gus, Thank you for replying . I am using a VPN that comes with seed-box. I Have UBlock Origin Plugin installed on chrome with Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses box checked . Is it possible that VPN is the issue itself ? Thanks, M.Saleh
  2. salehshaukat

    Wordpress & Web Server

    Hey Vxxk, In order to point web addresses eg. www.xyz.com.uk to your RPI3 server you would need to change your setting's in WEB DOMAIN CP. It would normally be pointing at your web hosting,but in your case it will point at your no IP .
  3. salehshaukat

    OPENVPN RPI3 AP Leaking DNS.

    I using the RPI 3 AS VPN AP to connect to smartphone and other devices in home. I have tried making ETH0 interface static with DNS SERVER in interface.conf file and even tried adding interface in /etc/dhcpcd.conf . resolv.conf does indeed reflects opendns server but running test multiple time's on dnsleaktest.net it starts leaking original DNS IP + OPEND DNS or just ORIGINAL DNS. I have locked the resolv.conf and that seems to be working . Is there a proper way of plugging the dns leak ?