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  1. Followed the excellent tutorial and have the assistant working great.... slight few "niggles" - The assistant voice is the US version - when setting up if i saw an option for language etc I always chose UK - any idea how I can change the assistants accent so it matches the rest of the assistants in my house (to the UK)? I've had a quick look around the actions and developer console but can't seem to see any options - I have a speaker connected to the standard jack at the side of the pi - when i run the command speaker-test -t wav everything is nice, load and clear. The assistant when speaking however seems really low. I've jacked up all the levels on alsamixer but doesn't seem to make a difference. Is there something i'm missing? Other than that thanks again for the great tutorial! EDIT just realised if i say OK google change volume to 100% she comes through booming now!