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  1. I was successful setting up a VPN server on my Pi using the guidance provided by Gus's article. I am now trying to setup my Asus router running the latest version of Tomato by Shibby with its built in OpenVPN Client to connect to the remote Pi. I am having difficulty getting it going could use some guidance. The first is the use of the proper Keys, I viewed the ovpn file generated by the Pi and I see the Keys, but I am not sure which of the ca keys to use. Listed below are the settings for the Client on the router and the settings I am using in parentheses after the setting. If someone could review and advise. Basic Page Settings Start with WAN: (no) Interface Type: (TUN) Protocol: (UDP) Server Address/Port: (xxxxx.xxx) Firewall: (Automatic) Authorization Mode: (TLS) Username/Password Authentication: (Checked) Username: (xxxxxxxxx) Password: (xxxxxx) Username Authen. Only: (Checked) Extra HMAC authorization (tls-auth): (Outgoing (1)) Create NAT on tunnel: (Checked) ================================= Advanced Page Settings Poll Interval: (0) Ignore Redirect Gateway (route-nopull): (Checked) Accept DNS configuration: (Disabled) Encryption cipher: (AES-256-CBC) Compression: (Adaptive) TLS Renegotiation Time: (-1) Connection retry: (30) Verify server certificate (tls-remote): (Unchecked) Custom Configuration: (Blank) ====================================== Keys Page Settings Static Key: Certificate Authority: ======================================= Routing Policy Page Redirect through VPN: (Unchecked) ======================================= Status Page: