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    Nice to meet you, I've been messing around with the PI & Arduino for the last few years mainly copying other projects but putting my own tweeks in. Currently working on a dog treat machine operated by email or an app which will send a bit of video back to the sender and a thank you message from the dog or an "out of the office" response if not around! Also made a light sequencer for the Christmas tree lights, and a communal calendar so we all know where each other is, Arduino word clock and an arduino edge lit sign which flashes when the button is pressed.....................My list of fails is however much longer
  2. John the Quiz


    Is there an official hello Page? If not hello to anyone remotely interested. I've been receiving Gus's stuff for a couple of years now which has helped me out of a few dead ends I seem to find on a regular basis. Great to get a new forum many hands make light work etc Keep up the good work speak soon John from Somerset England