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  1. Victoria

    Telegram CLI - not able to receive or send msg

    Hi Emmet - Thank you for looking into the script. I updated the first file tg.sh and wanted to make sure it worked before modifying the photo file. I am still not receiving any msgs on my phone when i type from the Telegraph CLI. Nor am I receiving any msgs to the Telegram when someone sends me a text. I am on step #4 under the 'automating the telegram CLI on the raspberry pi' section of the main tutorial 'using telegram cli on the raspberry pi'. Below is my screen shot, I don't see any errors but just not getting any msgs to/from telegram.
  2. Hello - Forgive me first off as I am very new to Raspberry PI. I just hooked everything up today and am trying to complete the initial Using Telegram CLI on the Raspberry Pi tutorial. I have successfully registered my phone. However, when I go to send a msg or try to get a msg from my husband's phone, nothing happens. I have added a couple of screen shots for your view. My ultimate goal is to be able to execute the tutorial called 'Control you Raspberry Pi using Telegram'. However, this initial tutorial is a prerequisite. I am working on these tutorials for a class project and am very nervous overall since I have never used a Raspberry PI or done any CLI type work. I would appreciate any help you could provide to help me trouble-shoot my issue. Thank you.