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    Pi wifi range extender/repeater help needed

    Got it working. 95% was basically right, I just needed a few small changes. This site helped with the rest: https://frillip.com/using-your-raspberry-pi-3-as-a-wifi-access-point-with-hostapd/ Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. I am trying to replicate the project found at https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-wifi-extender/ and am close but not there yet. I have a RasPI 3B with a Ourlink USB wifi dongle. I went through the steps shown and have all the devices working. They show up with ifconfig and seem to be active. But I can't find any activity from an AP using the wifi scanner app on my phone. I see the eth0 and wlan0 ports connected to my home network and the wlan1 (dongle) shows in the ifconfig output. But nothing to connect to. The wlan1 shows the fixed IP that was assigned and the wlan0 shows a DHCP IP assigned by my home router. What I need is to get the wlan1 (dongle) to connect to wifi and the wlan0 (Pi3 internal) to become the AP. Right now they are switched and the AP is not working. It is possible that the Ourlink dongle isn't able to be an AP. That would be fine, if they were switched. Should I go back through the steps and use wlan0 instead of wlan1 in each step? Or is there something that should be done differently in iptables? I don't really understand what was done at that point. My intention is to use this for a hotspot in an RV and put the dongle outside with a USB extension cable. A USB adapter with an antenna fitting and separate antenna would be the next step. Thanks for any advice you can give. ================================================================= Since it costs nothing but my time to try, I went back through all the steps in the tutorial and changed wlan0>wlan1 and wlan1>wlan0. This did get the wlan1 dongle to connect to my home network as I wish. The wlan0 still doesn't appear to be working as an AP, although it does show the fixed IP address I configured for it.