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  1. Ok - Sorry I had not actually followed the earlier AP tutorial (only the VPN one). I have the VPN working and now have a new wireless network in my list and can connect to it. When I use my VPN though i have no internet connection. John
  2. Hi Emmet, I’ve got the pi connected wiredto a switch which is in turn connected wired to my router. Should another wireless connection show up in my WiFi list? i followed the full tutorial, including the iptables section and got no errors. john
  3. Hi, Ive followed the turtorial https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-vpn-access-point/ and had no problems, my IP is now through my vpn provider (trust.zone). Ive followed the full tutorial but I dont know to connect devices through the vpn tunnel? For example my Smart TV or iphone. Thanks John