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  1. flattrump

    NAS and Plex?

    Thanks. I followed the instructions and mounted it no problem. And Plex still works fine!
  2. flattrump

    NAS and Plex?

    I have already set my Pi up as a Plex server. I'd like to make the drive available over my network so that I can add movies and edit content without having to eject it. If I follow the tutorial to set it up as a NAS will that mess up my Plex Server at all?
  3. You've probably already fixed this, but for those who haven't, here is how I fixed it. I had a similar problem where I couldn't add the specific folders to my Plex library from my USB hard drive. I followed the pimylifeup YouTube tutorial to mount the drive and that fixed my problem. How I can add folders to my library with no problem. Hope that helps somebody.