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  1. megafantastic

    Permission denied with Transmission

    /home/piuser/MyNAS has root root permissions. Transmission is actually running under my main user. If see the guide link I posted, it's changed to run under user of your selection.
  2. megafantastic

    Permission denied with Transmission

    I have raspeberry pi with transmission set up. I recently got a Zyxel NAS326. I want use Pi as torrent client as it has a VPN enabled and NAS326 can't use VPN. I've successfully mounted NAS share on Pi with this in fstab: // /home/piuser/MyNAS cifs username=user,password=pass123 0 0 And can access it without problems. I have two directories made for Transmission: /home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent_complete /home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent-inprogress When I'm trying to start a torrent I get the message: Permission denied (/home/piuser/MyNAS/torrent_complete/movie/Data.bin) How can I fix this? EDIT: I originally followed this guide and since I now have a NAS, I unplugged the HDD. https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-torrentbox/