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  1. PiLover

    will not execute on boot up

    Hi, Thank you for even asking. I do appreciate your effort. I hope this answers your question: in the file /etc/rc.local are the following 2 lines: sleep 10 /bash/home/start-picture-frame.sh & In that file is the line: #!/bin/bash set BLANK_TIME=0 DISPLAY=:0.0 XAUTHORITY=/home/pi/.Xauthority /usr/bin/feh -d -p -Z -F -R 15.0 -$ media/pi/PINKDR ALL THE .jpg files are in the top directory: (no sub folder) of a little 16 gb PINK COLORED THUMBDRIVE. (PINK is my wife's favorite color and the digital picture frame) was one of my Christmas gifts to my wife. The drive is named all in upper case letters, and is recognizable as such no matter which of the 4 usb ports I plug it into. I have tested this by rebooting the raspberry pi, that drives the display each time, before moving the drive. I actually do a software shutdown, and then, move the thumb drive. The kicker is if I bash the file after start up, it starts fine. but it will not start on boot up all on its own. I want it to start up all on its own, so that my wife does not need to come to be to re-start it manually. She is no where near a technical nerd that I am. Any insights would be very much appreciated. i also need to enter the command startx after it boots up, even though raspberry preferences are set to bring up the desktop and not cli, and also it is set in sudo respi-config. All files mentioned above are set to sudo chmod 777 vnc is enabled, feel free to log in yourself. I have reset the password. Let me know if you want it. Thank you, Joe Rich
  2. Hi. The command suds apt-get install feh mused to work. I am trying to build a digital picture frame for my wife for Christmas. All I get now is an error message: unable to locate package feh. Why?!? what don’t i understand ?
  3. PiLover

    will not execute on boot up

    Gus, thank you for your reply. i tried increasing the sleep time per your suggestion. It only delayed the appearence of the system Prompt. pi$Raspberry. I made the SD card with piBakery if that helps at all. The images are on a thumb drive that plugs directly into one of the Raspberry 3B's 4 usb ports. The file creations and modifications on the SD card some were done using VNC, with the terminal, that is found in the GUI. others were typed directly at the prompt by using a keyboard. Perhaps knowing these particulars will help diagnose the problem. i can also post a copy of my SD card in dropbox, or mail an SD micro card, created with the app SD Card Copier to mirror the one, that is now in my Raspberry Pi for this very useful project. BTW, feh like you said is powerful and useful for this project. I can start the image transitions manually, but not on boot up. I am hoping we can make this eaiser for my non-nerd wife to use her Christmas present to add her own images. She loves creating new ones, and displaying tons of family photos. The digital picture frame will save me thousands of dollars of having to build new walls just for her to hang more pictures / images. To anyone out there, I wish to become a Raspberry Pi power user, which means I will probably have to learn Linux. In the mean time I would love to know how Raspian works, and what files it executes in what order upon boot up. And does Raspian see the instructions differently if they are created at the system prompt or via the terminal available in the GUI, or over VNC. Any books about how raspian works or its internals that you can suggest I read would be very much appreciated. Best wishes and cheers to all. Thank you, Joe Rich, W1EK, ex-N1OCS, XR0Y, 9G5RC,... PiLover
  4. PiLover

    will not execute on boot up

    Hi I installed feh and have used all the commands verbatim to get my digital picture frame (based on the Raspberry Pi 3b) and although bash /home/pi/start-picture-frame.sh (starts the picture frame working perfectly) having these commands sleep 10 bash /home/pi/start-picture-frame.sh & just above the exit 0 line /etc/rc.local does nothing. the bash/ /home/pi/start-picture-frame will not execute on boot up of the raspberry pi !!!!!! Why not, what am I doing wrong? I thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. Cheers, PiLover