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    XBox One Controller Connectivity Issue

    Have you seen this? It seems to take care of half of the issues I am having. https://retropie.org.uk/forum/post/53639
  2. AndersNilsen

    XBox One Controller Connectivity Issue

    I find the 360 controller easier to connect, more stable and more responsive in both menus and games. So I totally agree with you @The_Joker_07 its better to stick with the 360 controller. I bought two new xbox one controllers because one of my older 360 controllers just stopped working. The new controllers feel very good and it is a pity that they dont work that well with the retropie. I could not get the xbox one wireless dongle to work either. I thought it would be better with the dongle than bluetooth?! After what I have read elsewhere it doesn't look like it is possible. I will try to fiddle with this a bit more and also incorporate connection to the controllers when booting. I must just say that when I run the JStest the xbox one controllers seem very responsive but in the menus they are a little off and on.
  3. AndersNilsen

    XBox One Controller Connectivity Issue

    Hi @The_Joker_07 Tried it just now, and it did not work for xbox one controller on bluetooth but it worked for my xbox 360controller with wireless dongle. Same as your experience.. By the way. Did you implempent the disable_ertm in the startup file?
  4. AndersNilsen

    XBox One Controller Connectivity Issue

    Hello Thanks for the guide Gus if you are reading this. I am using xbox one wireless controllers with bluetooth. I also struggled a long time with the sudo bash command due to the lack of quotationmarks. For noobs like me it is not granted that quotations are needed so it would be great for other people to have it included in the guide. The right command is : sudo bash -c 'echo 1 > /sys/module/bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm' Else it worked quite well except i believe it is mandatory to do the calibration of the buttons twice to get it right. Have a nice day