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    Google Assistant

    Hello, newvbie here. I've been following the excellent tutorial listed on the website and have trawled through the forum for an answer to my problem but can't seem to find an solution. I've got everything working fine via the push to talk but cannot for the life of me get the hotword started. As per the tutorial I tried googlesamples-assistant-hotword --device-model-id abcd All I get back is "Illegal Instruction" I then tried: googlesamples-assistant-hotword --device-model-id <your device id> With the correct device id added and again "Illegal Instruction" I finally tried: googlesamples-assistant-hotword --device-model-id <your device id> --project-id <your project id> Again with the correct values added and yet again "Illegal Instruction" If anyone could help me get past this little hurdle, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.
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    Google Assistant

    Many thanks for your reply, it's not a Zero it's a B+ V1.2 running the latest Raspbian Stretch.
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    Google Assistant

    No one? @Emmet @Gus