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  1. Philip

    Muiti DS 18B20 Sensors

    From what I'm understanding, There is a library out there that i'm able to copy a code to make one sensor print out the temp in (F) & (C). what i'm try to learn is how to configure the GPIO pins so that after I can build my own code for one sensor, then I could repeat the process for the rest of the sensors. Can someone please direct me in the right direction?
  2. I'm very new at Python and Raspberry. I have hooked up one DS 18B20 temp sensor and copied the code for Python and it works fine. I would like to learn how to write a code for up to 15 18B20 sensors using Pi.
  3. I'm very new at Python and Raspberry. I would like to learn the code for reading up to 15 sensors in real time in (F) Programming in Python