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Found 3 results

  1. flattrump

    NAS and Plex?

    I have already set my Pi up as a Plex server. I'd like to make the drive available over my network so that I can add movies and edit content without having to eject it. If I follow the tutorial to set it up as a NAS will that mess up my Plex Server at all?
  2. franc0nelis

    Samba Share

    Hello, I've followed guide on website https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-nas/ to set up NAS using Samba on RPi3 (Raspian Stretch) to enable access to a shared folder via Windows 10. Although the share appears in Explorer access is denied. The only part of the guide I didn't manage was "security = user" as it wasn't in the smb.conf file. The error message is access denied when I use the Unix credentials created earlier. Any help appreciated Thanks, Franco
  3. Matheu

    Pi Cloud - refused to connect.

    Hi, I am new to some of this so thank you for taking the time. I am wanting to setup a simple cloud system with the raspberry pi, I have followed tutorials for OwnCloud, NextCloud and the NexCloudPi edition. However none of these get me any further. I am always stuck at the point where accessing via ip address in browser simply gives the response. refused to connect. (Even though SSH works perfectly). I dont even know where to begin with this error, I have searched the internet. Could this be something to do with my routers settings? Have people seen this before?/Is it a common issue? Any help would be most appreciated. Regards, Matheu